About Proposition 65

Why is there a warning on the packaging of my Wilderness Poets product?  

In order to comply with California regulations, we now label several of our products with the following Proposition 65 warning:

  • We make "larger" micro-batches of our most popular products. These bags of Oregon Grown Pumpkin Seeds (pictured above) have just been filled and are in line for the heat belt sealer.

  • After our "retail-sized" products receive safety seals and batch codes they are packed into cases for easy picking and shipping. Units of Freeze Dried, Organic Elderberry Powder 3.5 oz (pictured above) are typically packed in cases of 6 or 50.

  • We have an excellent forklift and trained operators, which enables us to ship pallet-sized quantities of product. Aaron (pictured above) is moving a full pallet of our best selling Organic, Raw Almond Butter, packaged in ready-to-ship 5 Gallon (40 LB) Pails.